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San Diego Rapper Lil Mitchy Slick Murdered


Up and coming San Diego rapper Lil Mitchy Slick was murdered last night after having a verbal altercation with another man.

The San Diego Union Tribune reports:

A second man shot in Lincoln Park Friday night has died, San Diego police said Saturday.

Officers responded about 6:30 p.m. to 48th Street and Logan Avenue and found a 22-year-old man who was shot in his upper torso. First responders were unable to revive him, San Diego police said.

Shortly after, a 19-year-old man who police believe was also involved in the altercation was dropped off at a hospital with a gunshot wound to his head and pronounced dead.

Police interviewed witnesses who said they heard a verbal altercation and then several gunshots.

Police say a tan Chevrolet Tahoe was seen leaving the area.



  1. WOW ! That’s sad…this violence has to STOP!!

  2. wow…R.I.P

  3. Sorry to hear this.

  4. KaliBoss /

    Live by the gun, Die by the gun! R.I.P to a Young G. Stay out dem streets aint nothing out there but trouble!

  5. Tremayne Jones /


    • LiL' Madhouse /

      fck skyLine & fck u Bitckh azz nigga, L gang or dnt Bang! L.I.P. homie wh50Px2

  6. DE oh so ak /


  7. australianhomie /

    Who is this treymane jones piece of shit.show some fuckin respect..lil mitch realest g ive seen in a long time.

  8. liphomei /

    it better not had been skyline cross town fuckin faggots ill clack any day for this shit L.I.P

  9. freetinymadhatter /

    better have been some retaliation whoever did this should be dead by now

  10. nick /

    Dude AinT no g . I used to pull up on 4th an log. And fuck Lincoln park. Big money no problems ho ass punks I’m outta that cell and you know me

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