Snoop Dogg & Son Corde Bong Bonding




It seems Snoop Dogg’s (or Snoop Lion…whatever the hell his name is) eldest son Corde Broadus, also known as Spanky Danky (wtf?!?!) has decided to abandon college and become a rapper like dear old dad (I’ve heard him rap, he’s no Diggy Simmons). I guess a college degree isn’t as important to Corde as smoking weed and making sub-par rap songs with his pops is.




Come on Snoop, shouldn’t your parenting skills be kicking in, you’re supposed to lead by example. Let’s not let this young man throw his college dreams down the drain. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.



Snoop’s youngest son Cordell received a scholarship offer from UCLA…let’s hope he doesn’t follow in his big brother and father’s footsteps.

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