Jeezy Discusses Homophobia In Hip-Hop With Larry King


(Gossip-Grind) Jeezy Discusses Homophobia In Hip-Hop With Larry King:

Grammy nominated rapper and entrepreneur Jeezy sits down with Larry King on the Emmy-nominated series, “Larry King Now” for an in-depth and wide-ranging interview about his new album ‘Trap or Die 3’, homophobia in hip-hop, and the recent spate of Black men killed by police. Plus, he opens up about his own run-ins with the law, Obama’s presidency and the controversy surrounding Black Lives Matter.

Jeezy opens up about the recent spate of excessive use of force by police, saying he’s most concerned about his teenaged son. But, he also acknowledges that while police brutality has most likely gone on for long, the popularity of social media has given it much more awareness. He tells Larry, “I think it’s been going on, I really think that social media has made it – or given it – more awareness lately because social media’s so fast, you see these things.” (Clip Below)

The multi-platinum rapper also discussed President Obama, race relations in America, and the Black Lives Matter movement. He explains that while Obama did as much as possible during his presidency, race relations have taken several steps backwards. He also dishes on the need for the Black Lives Matter movement, saying “It’s almost like nobody cares for no Black men or Black lives, and it’s just like you’ve gotta put that statement in the air because we have to believe that ourselves.” (Clips Below)

Since hip-hop is sometimes known for it’s misogynist and homophobic comments, Jeezy discusses whether a gay rapper could make it in the industry. After acknowledging that there are a lack of gay rappers, he talks about the possible reasons, saying, “I guess culture-wise it just doesn’t match with it, what hip-hop represents. You know, hip-hop is about being tough and just really being dominant and just being individual with it.” But, he points to the recent success of openly gay rapper Young M.A. as a potential sign of progress. (Clip Below)

Plus Jeezy reveals the rapper he’d most love to collaborate with, his love for Sade (and Bon Jovi!), and why he’d trade places with Dr. Dre for a day in our game of ‘If You Only Knew.’ (Clip Below)

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