Floyd Mayweather Spends $12,000 On Shopping Spree For Raqi Thunda


(Gossip-Grind News) Floyd Mayweather Spends $12,000 On Shopping Spree For Raqi Thunda:

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is no dummy when it comes to showering his gal pals with expensive gifts, because Dish Nation has exclusively learned the boxing champ has a strict no return policy.
Mayweather is known for keeping a harem of beautiful women around him and according to an insider he treats them to lavish shopping sprees in which the women can pick out whatever they like, but the one rule he enforces is letting the stores know there are absolutely no returns allowed from the ladies because he doesn’t want them cashing in the swag to put money in their pockets.

On Thursday one of Mayweather’s newest additions to the harem, “Love & Hip Hop: New York” Season 3 star Raqi Thunda, was the lucky recipient of the boxer’s generosity.

“Mayweather dropped $12,000 on Raqi today on shoes and sneakers,” a source exclusively told Dish Nation.

“He called into Neiman Marcus in New York and told them she could get whatever she wanted on him. But he’s had lots of experience in spoiling his women and wants to make sure they’re not just using him for money.”

Despite having tons of cash to splash out — having just won a base purse of $32 million for his win over Marcos Maidana on Sept. 13, and in case you’re doing the math, that works out to roughly $888,888 Mayweather banked per MINUTE of his fight — he doesn’t just want to give away money.

“Floyd’s main rule of thumb with the women and the stores is no returns,” the insider dished, “so the women don’t get the cash!”

The night before Mayweather’s fight in Vegas, Thunda posted a photo on her Instagram account wearing a green “Mayweather Promotions” track jacket and the caption, “If you’re in Vegas and You See me Pushing The TMT Truck, Honk. two times so we know you’re rolling with #TheMoneyTeam.”


​The Money Team is an apparel and brand owned by Mayweather, so pair that with the $105 million Mayweather made in just 72 minutes over the last 12 months and you’ve got the highest paid athlete in the world, according to Forbes magazine.

“Floyd loves using his money to feed his power-hungry ego,” the source added.

Source: Dish Nation

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