Ying Yang Twins’ D-Roc Can’t Afford His Child Support


After all the platinum and gold plaques, chart topping singles, and sold out shows, what do you do when the checks stop coming? Rap doesn’t have a retirement plan, and bills keep coming whether you have a album in stores or not. Ying Yang Twin D-Roc found out the hard way that he should have been putting less money in the g-strings of strippers and more into savings accounts and trust funds for his kids. The rapper recently made a court appearance to beg the judge to lower his child support payments, being that his once lucrative rap career is pretty much nonexistent nowadays…lucky for him the judge gave him a break.


TMZ reports:

According to docs filed in Georgia, D-Roc — aka De’Angelo Holmes — had been paying his ex-wife $2,500 a month in support for their daughter … an arrangement that was made when he was pulling down more than 19-grand a month.

But the Twins haven’t had a hit since 2005’s “Wait (The Whisper Song) — so D-Roc went back to court … hat in hand … and asked for a reduction, claiming he’s only making $2,860 a month.

D-Roc hammered out a sweet deal … ’cause, according to the docs, his child support payments are now just $550 a month — plus, he got a payment plan for the $45K in back support he owes.

One more reason D-Roc needed a break — he has 5 other mouths to feed.



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