Vin Diesel: Drunk In Love


(Gossip-Grind News) Vin Diesel: Drunk In Love:

I don’t know if “Riddick” star vin Diesel was was “Drunk in Love” or just plain old drunk. The action movie star recently posted a hilarious video of himself dancing and lip synching to Beyonce’s hit single “Drunk in Love” on his Facebook page.

During one part of the song, Diesel says: ”Guys, I’m just excited, I’m happy and I’m calling you guys, or shouting out to you guys, to say thank you.”

“There’s no way in the world Riddick would’ve been made without you guys,” he continued. “It’s a win for all of us and really, really, really thank you so much and … of course Universal is also saying they want to develop the next one.”

Check out the video below and watch Diesel do his version of the surfboard.


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