Stevie J Is The Man


Every Monday night men across the nation sit down with their significant others to watch Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Most men watched the first episode expecting another Basketball Wives/Real Housewives Of Atlanta type show. A bunch of rich chicks cat fighting and talking mess about their exes. Then we were introduced to super producer Stevie J. A man caught in a love triangle with his child’s mother Mimi and his “billion dollar” artist Joseline. Finally there’s a male reality tv star that MEN can relate to. We sit there and agree with every negative comment that our wives/girlfriends/& baby mamas spit at Stevie “Stevie’s a jerk” “I wouldn’t take that shit from him” “She need to punch him in his face”. But in our minds we’re actually rooting for Stevie. Because he’s doing what most men can’t do. HAVE HIS CAKE AND EAT IT TOO! We can’t really really root for Scrappy…not yet anyway.Diamond pussy whipped him and dumped him for Souljah Boi(of all people) and he went crawling back to his baby mama. We can’t root for Rasheeda’s husband because he don’t even wear the pants in the relationship. Stevie does his dirt, gets caught,shoots a smile, and all is forgiven. Mimi thought she was doing something by getting 20% of Joseline’s deal. NEWSFLASH: 20% OF NOTHING IS STILL NOTHING. Joseline ain’t gonna EVER sell any records. That’s just the lie Stevie telling her so that he can still smash. Mimi would have came out better taking the house Stevie offered her,at least that’s worth something. The men of America salute you Stevie J for keeping it real and not giving a fuck.Stevie J is the man!



  1. robin

    08/10/2012 at 10:19 PM

    Stevie J has no self worth. He is going to end up like every other reality star, FLAT BROKE. No one in the industry will take him seriously after all the foolery that is displayed on this show. Not hating because I LOVE seeing him act a plum FOOL!

  2. Tank617

    08/11/2012 at 1:16 AM

    When it comes to Love And Hip Hop Atlanta,you have to take it for what it is…ENTERTAINMENT. And Stevie J is pure comedy.

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