Sharika Soal Slams Barack And Michelle Obama As “Delusional”

Sharika Soal is well known for being one of Donald Trump’s most controversial “Black Trump” supporters with a ‘Tell like it is’ attitude that Twitter users from both political sides appear to embrace

An Ex resistance member who is no stranger to dealing with the worst Twitter trolls on, the popular social media app and even some that have allegedly resulted in an FBI investigation involving death threats made to her after walking away from the Hollywood resistance in Feb 2018

On Monday afternoon a video-based news website that post mostly liberal-leaning clips aimed to manipulate its viewers into thinking Donald Trump is Hitler and racist.released a video which featured Michelle Obama race-baiting by addressing her black supporters specifically black women, that they needed to vote for Democrats whilst implying that “Black women” voters are Democrats only hope to stop Donald Trump in 2020.

Soal took to Twitter to slam the former first lady for what she felt was an undeserved race baiting solicitation of votes

She then added

The Obamas have been criticized by both Republicans and Democrats for their lack of action in the black community,  since leaving office and even though they still have a strong base only 700 plus people showed up to his recent public speaking event where Barack Obama took credit for Donald Trump’s record-breaking, economic, improvements and fanned the flames of racism to his base by implying Trump hasn’t disavowed “Nazis” by stating “ Why is it so hard to say Nazis are bad”

The Chicago Tribune published an article in 2016 right after Obama’s exit from the White House

“In his 2016 State of the Union address, President Barack Obama summarized his achievements. That same night, the White House issued a press release touting Obama’s accomplishments.

Now that he will be leaving, how well did these initiatives listed in the press release actually work out?

“Protecting voting rights”

Riots followed the recent presidential election. Democrats, without merit, joined failed Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s recount in key swing states they lost. Progressives are berating the constitutionally guaranteed Electoral College. State electors are being subject to intimidation campaigns.

“Promoting immigrant and refugee integration and citizenship awareness”

The southern U.S. border is largely unenforced. Immigration law is deliberately ignored. The president’s refugee policy was unpopular and proved a disaster, as illustrated by the Boston Marathon bombings, the San Bernardino, Calif., attack, the Orlando, Fla., nightclub shooting and the recent Ohio State University terrorist violence.

So Obama now departs amid the ruin of the Democratic Party into a lucrative post-presidency: detached and without a legacy.”

Ouch…… I wonder if this is a sign that the Obamas charm on their African American base has run its course?

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