Rihanna Sues Topshop For $5 Million


Rihanna is suing British retailer Topshop for $5 million in damages for the unauthorized sale of a t-shirt baring her image. Besides the fact that the t-shirts were not approved by Rihanna or anyone in her camp, the popstar doesn’t even receive royalties for the sale of the product.


The New York Post reports:
A source exclusively tells us the superstar’s team had tried to negotiate with Topshop owners Arcadia Group for eight months over the rights to her image, “but they offered her $5,000 and said they don’t care.”Rihanna, 25, has hired international law firm Reed Smith to file the suit in London.The source said, “Rihanna’s management asked Topshop a number of times to stop selling her image and were told, ‘We do what we want.’ They buy the pictures from a photographer, but they do not pay the artist licensing fees. Unfortunately, UK law does not protect the artist.“What is most offensive for Rihanna is that they basically told her, ‘Go to hell. We don’t care; we are going to continue selling you.’ Topshop is now in the United States. They set up in Manhattan and Nordstrom, but they know better than to do this in the US because they would get in trouble,” our source continued.“Even though the UK laws don’t protect the artist, she has decided to move forward and sue Topshop. She has spent almost $1 million in litigation at this point. She says it’s the principle, and wants to make a statement about it. They are taking advantage of artists. It is just exploitation. What they are doing is wrong.”



  1. Wayne Janikowski-scoopaink Martin

    05/17/2013 at 11:56 AM

    well she need to get paid…

  2. DJ Fresh As Frankie

    05/20/2013 at 1:37 PM


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