Rapper Playboy Carti Arrested At LAX

(Gossip-Grind) Rapper Playboy Carti Arrested At LAX:

Playboy Carti was arrested Thursday night in Los Angeles as he was leaving the airport. The rapper allegedly got into a fight with his girlfriend at LAX. According to witnesses the couple were arguing as they were exiting the terminal,the argument escalated into a physical altercation when they started pushing each other.

According to the police report … the female in the incident was Playboi’s girlfriend of 3 years from Atlanta. She told cops their argument started because he wanted her to call her mother to check in, but she didn’t want to.

Carti told cops he snatched his girlfriend’s phone from her hands and did grab her by her backpack to pull her out of the terminal. He says she hit him, but he was not injured. Another witness says she slapped him in the face.

The witness who called the cops said she saw a red mark on the gf’s chest from Carti pulling her by the backpack straps … but cops didn’t see any physical injuries on either of them.(TMZ)

Carti was arrested for misdemeanor domestic violence, posted $20,000 bail and was released Friday morning. The woman was not arrested.

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