Nipsey Hussle Spends The Night In Jail

(Gossip-Grind) Nipsey Hussle Spends The Night In Jail:

Nipsey Hussle spent the night in a jail cell Monday because he left his car in a disabled parking spot.

LAPD busted the rapper around 9 PM Monday when officers spotted his car illegally parked — Nipsey doesn’t have a disabled placard — and when they ran the plates, discovered he had warrants for previous traffic violations.(TMZ)

Hours later the rapper seemed unphazed by the arrest as he posted a video from his studio session on Instagram.

“I just bailed out on some bullsh*t traffic warrants,” Nipsey says. “What y’all doing at 5 in the morning? I slept on 77th… on that cold ass bench. Now, I’m back in the lab. Ya’ll can’t take my vibe right now. Ya’ll can’t take my inspiration—at all. It’s not gon’ happen.”

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