Nene Leakes’ Bentley Repossessed


Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Nene Leakes may not be as rich as she claims to be. It seems that her high priced mode of transportation was repossessed while she was out and about over the weekend (I’m sure Greg had no problem giving her a ride home). Diary Of A Hollywood Street King reports:

“Car repossession may not have been on the menu of the Atlanta eatery NeNe Leakes was dining at over the weekend —but sources say that’s exactly what one luxury car-maker was sure to serve the Atlanta housewife!”

“We’re told the incident happened Friday, just outside of Peachtree Road’s Frank Ski’s Restaurant & Lounge. That’s where sources say Ms. Leakes suffered great embarrassment as Bentley took possession of her not-paid-for luxury vehicle.”

“That’s because – during the repossession process –Bentley makes it a point to blast the incident as it happens. Don’t believe me.. Just ask NeNe Leakes, who we’re told was left with no choice but to sit back and watch as Bentley representatives carefully placed a car cover over the vehicle –dressing the automobile with the words “Repossessed By Bentley“.

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