Lil Jon Opens Primary School In Ghana

(Gossip-Grind) Lil Jon Opens Primary School In Ghana:

Jonathan Smith, the man once known as “The King Of Crunk” and leader of the rowdy rap group Lil Jon and the Eastside Boys has quietly used his influence to help children go to school in rural eastern Ghana.

Lil Jon, who is now a world renowned A-list DJ, commissioned a three unit KG Classroom block with ancillary office and washroom facilities at Abomayaw, a rural community in Asuogyaman district of the Eastern region of Ghana.

Ghana radio outlet StarrFM Online reports the school replaced a battered building in the rural area of the Asuogyaman district. Previously, children were subjected to attend school in sheds and would be sent home on rainy days. It also caused farmers to refrain from sending their children to school. Speaking to the outlet, Lil Jon expressed his content in its completion and how the school was also made in honor of his late mother, Carrie Smith-Williams. (Billboard)

“This is the first project we’ve done together of this kind and it is amazing to see the community come out to support [it],” he said. “I just feel like I’m lost for words of how amazing it feels to give the community something like this school.”

He added that children in their early ages learn so many things therefore the need to get a conducive learning environment.

“Kindergarten kids at their age they keep up so much stuff so if you can provide appropriate environment for education it can make learning very easy for them and I’m glad I can help facilitate that for these kids looking at where they came from, open basically sheds outside, you can imagine the heat and the obstruction and now they have a well building if it rains.”

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