Justin Bieber Spit On His Neighbor


Justin Bieber’s neighbor has filed battery charges against the pop star for allegedly spitting on him during an argument.

TMZ broke the story … one of Bieber’s neighbors claims the singer was tearing through their Calabasas community Tuesday at speeds approaching 100 mph, and when the neighbor confronted Bieber he allegedly spit in the guy’s face and threatened to kill him.Several prosecutors in the D.A.’s Office tell TMZ … spitting crimes are taken seriously for 2 reasons — first, it’s considered an extremely aggressive and “disgusting act,” and second, it poses potentially serious health concerns.We’re told Bieber’s neighbor wants the singer prosecuted and will fully cooperate with authorities.”

After the incident, Justin’s black Mercedes van was seen parked outside of ex-girlfriend’s Selena Gomez‘s house.

“Justin’s chauffeur-driven party van was spotted parked behind the gates of Selena’s driveway for more than an  hour. The exes reportedly left her home separately.Selena’s home isn’t too far from Bieber’s Calabasas house”

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