Is Stevie J Getting His Own Spin-Off Show?


If rumors are true Love and Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Stevie J will become the latest cast member to get his own spin-off show (K. Michelle announced that she has her own show in the works).

Illseed of AllHipHop reports:
“I’m hearing some interesting stuff from “Love And Hip-Hop Land” and their Atlanta Ruler, Stevie J. The word on the block is that Stevie J is going to have his own spin-off show to follow his and only his exploits. At this point, this is just a rumor, but it makes sense. They are about to get back onto “Love and Hip-Hop ATL” and another show will likely com after that. I don’t know what the differences could be since it seems like that franchise is already about him. The others just seem to play supporting roles.”

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