The Game Disses Plies On Instagram


(Gossip-Grind News) The Game Disses Plies On Instagram:

The Game really went in on fellow rapper Plies last night. The Los Angeles based mc posted a photo of Plies on Instagram, without his forever present ball cap on, and left a caption in the comment section worthy of a Comedy Central roast.

The Game also vowed to take shots at other celebrities such as Kevin Hart, Jamie Foxx, Neyo, and Bow Wow.


Check out The Games’ light hearted jabs at the Florida rapper below:

Now you got rap beef… & then you just got rap comedy.. The difference is.. This sh*t ain’t personal but some sh*t is too funny to let slide so my n*gga @Plies… I fux wit ya, ya #Sweetpus*ySaturday videos n all that funny…. But yo bout to get it & it begins this pic n*gga….. Yo #FoHeadGoinUpOnnaTuesday… #SweetFoheadSaturday havin n*gga… n*gga yo fo’head so gat damn BIG you can fit another face on that mothafu*ka… Kirk Franklin face wit Stevie Wonder fo’head havin n*gga.. Fo’head so damn BIG dat hoe need to be represented by a Real Estate agent… n*gga is yo hairline smilin’ at me ??? n*gga yo fo’head make Lebron hella confident… n*gga yo fo’head make yo eyebrows look like a single eyelash.. Ole’ extendo fo’head havin… What you thinkin bout n*gga ??? Ole read a n*gga mind from a 100 feet away fo’head havin n*gga… No wonder you got every fu*kin hat in the world…. Take two different barbers to line that bullsh*t up don’t it…. Don’t lie n*gga… Ole’ face down here havin n*gga.. n*gga yo fo’head taller than my kids… You could build a fu*kin White Castle, 2 wings tops & 5 waffle houses on yo fu*kin fo’head n*gga…. fu*k a C section.. They had to give yo mama a Z section to get yo big head out …. Ya football helmet head havin n*gga you.. I fu*kin hate yo fo’head… All them got damn thoughts.. Low key mad at God.. Like why this n*gga get to think more than me ??? Ole’ excuse me I can’t see the movie screen head havin n*gga…… You prolly spent the 1st 12 years of yo life tryna balance that BIG mothafu*ka…. Let me host a party on yo head n*gga…. N I never met you in real life but me & yo fo’head went to school together… TO BE CONTINUED.. & kevinhart4real iamjamiefoxx joebudden tyrese neyo shadmoss & official_flo yall my n*ggas but I’m coming for you & a few others……. #DontTakePersonal #ImDrunkBut #ItsTooLate #YouWereBornAndNowItsTimeToPay

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