Eve Minor – Break Your Heart


Eve Minor drops a brand new track, “Break Your Heart”, one day after surgery. The resilient artist has been premiering this song on the road since her successful “Shooting $tars” tour three months ago. Eve gives the people what they want.
“Baby, don’t fall for me, I’m gonna break your heart” – (source
Eve Minor has an explosive range and reminds us of a Nina Simone, Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin, and The Black Keys mix all while cementing her own lane. Her sultry mixture of R&B, Soul, Blues, Rock and Alternative lends Eve minor’s artistry to be one of the most eclectic.
The lyrics warn the listener that Minor is in fact a heartbreaker. Once she gets what she wants from you, that’s when you’re through.
Could this track be part of an upcoming album?
Catch Eve Minor on the road for a thrilling live performance and follow her for anything but mundane posts.


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