Biggie Smashed Wendy Williams…WTF!!!


Wendy Williams and Lil Kim are the latest celebrities to engage in Twitter beef. It all started when Wendy posted the following post on Twitter.


The video link in the post shows Wendy harshly criticizing Lil Kim’s new look. Lil Kim took to Twitter and struck back witout any warning.



Damn Lil Kim’s new look and damn what Wendy Williams thinks of it. The BIGger story here is did Biggie really smash Wendy Williams? Was Wendy a jumpoff/groupie back in the day? Was Wendy a nasty girl? Her head game must have not been up to par, otherwise BIG probably would have given her one more chance. All jokes aside Kim really put her business out there on front street.

Message to Wendy Williams: Be careful who you put on blast…because that person may have enough ammo to blast back.

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