50 Cent Agrees To $5 Million Ass Whuppin


50 Cent done lost his damn mind! He has accepted billionaire Alki David and Damon Feldman’s challenge to fight Floyd Mayweather via Twitter. According to Complex:

“Yesterday, the two men were offered $5 million a piece by billionaire Alki David and Damon Feldman of Celebrity Boxing to take part in a three-round fight using giant Celebrity Boxing gloves and headgear. The proposed fight would take place in Las Vegas on December 14 and would help the two men settle the score once and for all. Sounds silly, right? Well, yeah. But, last night, 50 took to Twitter and revealed that he’d be down to take part in the fight, assuming it could be changed to a later date. ”



Message to 50 Cent: Before you sign any contracts binding you to this nonsense please view the highlight reel I posted below, YOU ARE OUT YOUR LEAGUE!!! In case you forgot…this is what this man does for a living HE BEATS PEOPLE UP…you won’t be an exception.

I don’t want to see boxers rapping (Roy Jones Jr. ruined it for all fighters) nor do I want to see rappers boxing. Please end this foolishness before you end up in the hospital with more than just a bruised ego.


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