3 NFL Players Busted For Owning Sex House In Orlando

NFL Players Busted

3 NFL Players Busted for Owning Sex House:
Recently retired NBA star Jalen Rose made women furious when he admitted to being like most all athletes who cheat on their wives and have their mistresses attending their games!
But have you heard about the 3 NFL players who own a sex house together?
It appears these three athletes have taken cheating a step further than just having their women sit at different sides of the arena/stadium.
In fact, these three NFL players admitted recently that they have a house they use primarily to have affairs and entertain women without their significant others and the media finding out. And the only reason they admitted to having a house for these purposes is because the house got linked to the shooting of a 15-year-old girl.
The “affair house” is owned by NFL players Mike Sims-Walker (Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver) , Brandon Marshall (Chicago Bears) and Chris Johnson (Tennessee Titans).
Here’s the drop according to The Orlando Sentinel reports:
A house linked to the shooting of a 15-year-old girl in Pine Hills last year has ties to current and recent National Football League athletes, newly available records in the case obtained by the Orlando Sentinel show.
One of the players, former University of Central Florida and Jacksonville Jaguars receiver Mike Sims-Walker, was directly involved in the investigation, records show, at one point entering an Orange County Sheriff’s Office interview room to talk with his cousin, a victim in the case who authorities suspected was lying.
Prosecutors have described the home on Robbins Avenue as a nondescript setting where pro athletes could hang out and bring women while visiting Orlando — away from the view of the media.
Gunfire erupted after a burglary there July 29, and a stray bullet struck Danielle Sampson as she rode in her parents’ minivan, rendering the Apopka High athlete severely brain-damaged.
The football players were not suspected of any crime or involvement in the burglary or shooting. Indeed, video evidence shows Sims-Walker was helpful to the Sheriff’s Office.



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