TJ Jackson Is Made Co-Guardian Of Michael Jackson’s Kids


As of today, Micheal Jackson’s nephew TJ Jackson is officially the co-guardian of his kids who range in age from10 to 15. TJ will share responsibilities with Katherine Johnson.TJ is the son of Tito Jackson. He was appointed a temporary guardian last month when Katherine was with family members in Arizona and out of communication. According to TMZ:

“TJ Jackson is now PERMANENTLY sharing guardianship of Michael Jackson‘s children with their grandmother Katherine Jackson, an L.A. judge just ruled.

“TJ has received enormous support from the Jackson family to take a guardianship role, including from Katherine herself … as well as MJ’s kids. TJ has been a father figure to the children for years.”

“The judge told TJ in court to be mindful of the giant rift currently tearing apart the Jackson family — and asked TJ to make sure the children aren’t negatively affected.”

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