Is Shaq Getting His Own Sitcom?


(Gossip-Grind News) Is Shaq Getting His Own Sitcom?

Former NBA great Shaquille O’Neal will star in a TruTV comedy pilot called Shaq Inq., loosely based on his business empire. The half-hour comedy will center around O’Neal and the team who runs his ever growing business empire. O’Neal also hosts viral video prank show Upload With Shaquille O’Neal.

The show is loosely based on Shaq’s real-life business empire — with people pitching him TV show ideas, products and endorsements.

In one of the scenes from a script that was circulating in December, Shaq is approached with an idea for a TV show similar to “Shaq Vs.” … a real show that didn’t do very well on the air.

In the script, an associate explained to Shaq that no one knew what Shaq was “verse” — and suggested that his new version of the show should include Shaq’s foe in the title.

“We could do ‘Crack Versus Shaq.’ That rhymes. [Shaq] smokes a bowl of crack and tries to dunk.”

Another associate suggests, “Shaq Versus Iraq” … where “[Shaq] goes over there and talks to those ISIS people. We bring in a few basketballs and boom! Peace in the Middle East.”

Someone else pitches, “Yak Versus Shaq” … which evidently involves the mountainous animal.

The script we read — which was circulating in December — is actually pretty funny … with boob jokes, fart jokes and even a Tim Tebow zinger.

It’s possible, and likely, that the script will be changed by the time it actually airs — but we can see why Shaq signed on. (TMZ)

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