Is The Repo Man Looking For Rich The Kid?


(Gossip-Grind) Is The Repo Man Looking For Rich The Kid?

When will these rappers learn to live within their means? You don’t buy a Bentley if you only got Mercedes money, and you don’t buy a Mercedes if you only got Dodge Challenger money.

Rich the Kid is reportedly getting sued for missing payments on his Maybach. Like many entertainers before him (e.g. Tyga and Sean Kingston ), the Atlanta rapper is learning that it’s hard keeping up with the Joneses (Carters & Combs).

DPN Cars Corp is suing the rapper, claiming he missed a March car payment for $6,620. A company rep there tells us the whip in question is an S600 Maybach.

Rich was standing on the hood in Bev Hills back in March after throwing money on the sidewalk.(TMZ)

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