Mr. Marcus Jailed For Exposing Pornstars To Syphilis


Porn star Mr. Marcus was recently sentenced to jail time for knowingly exposing his co-stars to Syphilis.

The 42-year-old actor, whose real name is Jesse Spencer, was sentenced Tuesday after pleading no contest to one count of exposing another to a communicable disease.

Prosecutors said he must also serve 15 days of community service and three years of probation. Spencer has been in police custody since May 22 following a separate DUI arrest, the District Attorney’s Office said, reports CBS Los Angeles.

On July 13, 2012, Spencer received a penicillin shot after testing positive for syphilis during a routine industry screening before he was to make a film. Following a second screening July 21, prosecutors said Spencer continued to test positive for syphilis and altered the original form by obscuring the result on a photocopy, reports the station. They say he then returned to work, participating in two adult movie shoots.

Two actresses who worked with Spencer filed police reports after a producer discovered the altered form, CBS Los Angeles reports.

None of the actresses contracted the disease after being exposed, the District Attorney’s Office said, reports the station.(CBS News)



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