Kevin Hart Is Learning How To Handle His 12-Year-Old Daughter’s Crushes


Kevin Hart Is Learning How To Handle His 12-Year-Old Daughter’s Crushes:

Kevin Hart won’t institute a no-boys-policy with his daughter, Heaven Hart, but he wishes he could.

E! News’ Maria Menounos caught up with the Ride Along star at the Rally Health Fest in San Francisco, where Hart opened up to her about fatherhood and, of course, his passion for healthy living. Although he always keeps up with his fitness, his 12-year-old daughter is really tugging at his heart these days.

“It’s scary stuff. It’s about to get tough,” Hart admitted upon realizing his girl was nearly a teenager. “She’s already tough. She’s having a soccer-themed party. ‘OK honey.’ The word ‘no’ does not exist, no matter how tired you are.”

Although he’s gearing up to serve as the goalie at her daughter’s party, it’s not the soccer that’s making him nervous…it’s the boys! Hart told Menounos that his little girl is already starting to talk about boys. “She actually talks to me, which makes me mad but I can’t let her know that because she’s comfortably with telling me,” Hart confessed. “‘I think I like this guy, this boy. He’s nice. He’s cool. I just want you to know because I just want to tell you stuff,'” Hart recalled his daughter telling him.

As a protective father, he has other plans. “I’m going to find [the boy].” Jokes aside, Hart loves that Heaven opens up to him, but there’s a learning curve.

“This is the first time I’m dealing with this, so it’s not like I have a ton of experience,” Hart told Menounos. “My mom had two boys. It was me and my brothers, so this is me dealing with a girl at a different level. I mean this is my heart. I don’t want to prohibit things, but she is a child, so you make sure she understands the parameters that she can and can’t do.

He continued, “We’re living in different times, so the way you could prohibit things back in the day, it’s different now. The Internet gives kids access to anything and everything.” That’s why this father of two—he’s also dad to son Hendrix Hart—puts an emphasis on talking to his kids.

“Communication is extremely important, and that’s what my daughter and I have,” he gushed. “I love that.”

But since he was a kid himself at one time, he understands that they’ll make mistakes—the same ones he did. “I laugh a lot at stuff at first, but then I give my dad speech,” he admitted, “but you can’t let them see you laugh.

Source: E! Online

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