Doe B’s Gravesite Desecrated


(Gossip-Grind News) Doe B’s Gravesite Desecrated:

What is this world coming to? In what has to be the ultimate display of disrespect, someone desecrated the resting place of Glenn “Doe B” Thomas. The rapper is buried at Greenwood-Serenity Cemetery in Montgomery, Ala. Thomas’ grave was recently disturbed by someone who decided to use a shovel to dig a hole at his grave site. Doe B was shot and killed at a Montgomery nightclub last December.


This is how Shirley Thomas sees it; her son died once. Now it feels as though someone wants to kill him again.

“I never thought it would come down to this,” said Thomas.

“It’s crazy. I mean I can’t understand it. I mean what are they looking for? He’s dead,” said Thomas.

“There’s nothing down there. The jewelry is not there. He wasn’t buried with anything,” said Thomas.

Whoever did this not only left the shovel behind but left it standing upright on top of the grave. Cemetery officials found it Monday morning.

“I think they were trying to make a statement,’ said Thomas.

Ms. Thomas has no clue what that statement might be, but admitted her son had enemies. (WFSA)

No arrest have been made.

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