Basketball Wives Draya And Malaysia:Allstar Weekend Pics


Basketball Wives:LA stars Draya and Malaysia were seen out and about in Houston this weekend enjoying the All Star Game festivities. Of course Draya was her usual sexy self, but as for Malaysia…not so much. I’m convinced that Draya and Malaysia are not really friends. Because if they were, at some point before they left their hotel room, Draya would have pulled Malaysia to the side and told her to rethink her choice of outfits instead of letting her go out in public looking like a broke down Uncle Luke dancer. In the photos below you can see Draya posing in the mirror with confidence because she knows that she’s on point…and you can see Malaysia in the background putting the finishing touches on what turned out to be a disaster.




Draya has the kind of body that can pull off wearing revealing clothing…Malaysia has the kind of body that needs to stay covered up.

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